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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  October 20, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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let's get to work. it's the best september we've had. >> governor walker is cherry picking a lot of numbers. >> put our money where our mouth is. >> trying to distract from that failure on jobs. >> i think wisconsin is a microcosm of middle class america. wisconsin is much better off than it was four years ago. >> i am really concerned about the direction wisconsin is headed. >> the fight in the governor's race, of course, continues. >> this discord was not who we are in wisconsin. >> spend my time largely ignoring my position. >> put our money where our mouth is. good to have you with us tonight. we start with the closest gubernatorial race in the country, wisconsin. today is the first day of early voting in the badger state. the latest poll from market
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university has governor scott walker tied with mary burke at 47%. i was in wisconsin earlier today covering the story, and the issues at stake in wisconsin, again, revolve around the middle class. there's no magic to this stuff. it's about jobs, minimum wage, voter i.d., public education, the can cuts that they've taken on, and obamacare. friday the candidates squared off in their last debate before the election. walker's failed record on job creation took center stage. >> "the journal sentinel" reviewed the jobs plan and said it's more of the same. frankly, that's just not going to get the job done. it's not the going to move the needle. we have to be a lot more aggressive about the investment that we have, and what i've seen from governor walker he somehow believes you give tax breaks to those at the top and it somehow creates jobs. i'm a business person. i know how jobs get created. >> 8,400 new jobs were created.
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the unemployment rate is down to 5.5%. that's the lowest we've seen since october of 2008 and i think the voters should look, compare apples to apples, the only time in the last 25 years the unemployment rate has been worse is during the three years my opponent was the secretary of commerce. >> walker's record on jobs, chr krystal clear. wisconsin lags well behind midwestern states in job growth at only 4%. walker promised that he would create 250,000 jobs, said that was really going for it. it was a high number. well, he's fallen well short that have mark at 100,000 jobs created in a country that overcame a recession and created over 10 million jobs, that's all wisconsin has? then walker's against obama care. he doesn't think there should be a minimum wage increase. walker's voter i.d. law was so he radical the supreme court said it should not be implemented before the midterm election.
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even after the ruling, he is pushing the bogus law. on friday commissioner rick bass warned a group of volunteers to be, quote, concerned about voter fraud and urged hundreds of attendees to take an extra step of vigilance. he said you as a which isconsin resident can can challenge people who are not supposed to be voting. you've got to do that. hold it right there. there is not one documented case of voter fraud in wisconsin. this is a manufactured story by the republicans. that you can about being desperate, you're seeing it in the badger state. under wisconsin law, hear's the key, any member of the public can challenge someone's right to vote under oath. earlier walker signed a law allowing poll observers to get as close as three feet to a voter, arm's distance. so almost get in their face. walk he's in trouble and he's
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doing everything he can to save his job. earlier today i interviewed democratic gubernatorial canned gatt may candidate mary burke. it's as tight as it gets. have you enjoyed it? >> i have enjoyed it. it's a great opportunity to talk to a lot of people throughout the state. i put more than 55,000 miles on my ford escape since getting into this. what i hear is people are really concerned. they're working harder than ever but showing less for it and we have seen here in wisconsin family incomes over the last four years have dropped $3,000. and people feel that in their lives and they're not feeling like they have that first shot. their kids graduating from high school from college, not seeing those opportunities. we need to change that.
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that's what you hear is the economy? >> other issues are tied into it as well. education ties into the economy. >> sure. >> we need to make sure people are getting the skills, the education, the training they need because more and more of the jobs require that. so if higher education is being priced out for middle and working class families, it results from the disparities in education. had that been upheld would that have been tougher for you to win? >> it provided another hurdle. there's no sense in making 300,000 more people affected by putting roadblocks in their way to voting and having to get an i.d. on very short notice.
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this isn't needed and it does present real hurdles. >> and yet governor walker says that he thinks it will be upheld. what's your reaction to that? what's your response to that? >> well, i don't think that the issue is really understood. it sounds like it makes sense. i heard from seniors who live in assisted living facilities, don't have a driver's license. no longer drive. don't do a lot of traveling. they don't have i.d.s. how are they supposed to get to the dmv, dig out the paperwork they need, that is a hurdle. to tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands. we have to make smart policy. we have to be able to fight for that right but we shouldn't have to fight for it. >> are there documented cases of fraud in wisconsin?
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>> i don't think so. no. and meanwhile it puts roadblocks in front of 300,000 people potentially. >> why do you think he hasn't been able to create the jobs that he promised? >> just because had his policies really are about focusing breaks at the top and thinking this government get out of the way and jobs are created. and the fact is jobs get created when people have the skills, the training, the education to compete for those jobs, when you have people starting their own businesses and have access to capital. to do that small business growth and new businesses generate 70% of the new jobs created in wisconsin under governor walker, we're bottom five in the country in new businesses started. so you really have to look at all the different pieces. i've laid that out in my invest for success jobs plan. people can go to my website to check that out. it is based on my experience as a business person but also
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experts that i've talked to. >> let's go back to early winter of 2011 right after the midterm. thousands of people outside the capitol. there's an attack on collective bargaining. there's an attack on public sector workers, education cuts are on the way. what were you thinking? >> that it's the wrong direction for wisconsin. that's not who we are. and i felt we're a fair-minded people and if there were budget issues that needed to be addressed, those could have been done at the negotiating table. i think everyone could have put in and made sure that they were part of finding a solution, certainly wisconsin was not unlike a lot of other states around the country. >> do you think it's they hahea handed? >> oh, yes, very heavy handed. the largest cuts to education in the entire country on a per pupil basis? that's not who we are in wisconsin. it's also not how you get ahead.
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it's not how you drive a state's economy. >> minimum wage. do you think that which isconsi who are not on minimum wage care about those who are? is this a push to the polls for people? is this a real motivator? and of course walker in his most recent interview with papers would not give a definite answer about how he feels about minimum wage. your thoughts on that? >> i think minimum wage is important and it's important to a lot of people. frankly, it's a common sense issue. at $7.25 an hour, people can't support themselves without government assistance. i want to see people have that pride of having a job, of being able to support themselves and their family. without government assistance and at $7.25 an hour it's impossible. >> do you think it would hurt the economy if there's a raise in the minimum wage?
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>> absolutely not. i talked to business people. those who owned large businesses, also small businesses. and the business people i talk to support it. they know that this is additional money that goes into our state's economy, our local businesses and communities. it's also a way to reduce the amount of public assistance that we're spending in the state and federal budgets. it's good for people's lives and businesses that pay their employees a fair wage see that they have less turnover as well. and so there's a lot of business people who see this is good for our economy. this growing gap that we see in incomes and a shrinking of the middle class, a squeezing of the middle class, isn't good for our country and it's not good for our economy. >> education cuts have been walker's biggest fault? what's been had his biggest mistake as governor? >> wow -- >> there's a lot of them? >> there are a lot of them. education is a huge one. we have seen attacks on women's
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choices. we've seen actually repeal of equal pay protections for women. so companies that are discriminating against women, seniors, veterans in terms of pay face no real consequences. that was something that scott walk er actually repealed that e have in place and he chose to repeal it. so certainly women, the environment. we have seen secret $700,000 campaign contributions from a mining company and then governor walker rewrites the rules according to their wishes. things have not been good in a lot of areas. >> what about these investigations surrounding the governor? do you think that plays into this election? do you think there are people out there across the state? do you hear it that all of the past shenanigans that have taken place -- >> i don't hear -- >> in his office, do you think
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that's played big into this this race? >> i don't hear it enough. i can't think of another sitting governor who has had six of his staffers, associates, convicted of crimes. six convictions under his watch and now he is at the center of a second investigation of possible criminal scheme. that's, frankly, people should care more. >> turnout. there's been a the lot of conversation with about the voter i.d., minimum wage. but women's issues. do you sense that there is going to be a big turnout with women voters in which isconsin based e activities of the governor? >> we are certainly making sure and working hard to make sure women understood the issues that are on the table and what has already happened under governor walker in terms of women's health choices, closing five clinics throughout the state,
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these are many in rural areas that we talk about providing cancer screenings, family planning services. five clinics close that had serve thousands of women and families that have repeal of the equal pay protection act. these are things that have set wisconsin way back. that's not who we are here. >> the final word from mary burke before the election. what is it? >> can't wait to be governor of this great state. >> she has a great deal of can have dense and is very determined. get your cell phones out. tonight's question, will scott walker's anti-worker policies cost him his job? leave a comment at our blog and we'll bring you the results later on in the show. for more on this let me bring in editor in chief of the progressive magazine in madison, ruth connor. i talked to no less than a dozen people today and every single
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one of them talked turnout. now this is going to be a photo finish. whoever wins this race, there's not a whole lot of room, a whole lot of air between the two of them. what is good turnout for those who would vote for mary burke in wisconsin? what does she have to have? >> i mean, really it comes down to the ground operation, to people getting people to the polls, and this is complicated by the voter i.d. law which as mary buck pointed out in your interview the supreme court intervened to stop that. not everybody knows that. there was so much coverage of voter icht d. and a lot of folks who work on turnout have been educating voters what they need to do. it wasn't easy to get i.d. to vote. it can have a discouraging effect. people think it's hard to vote. i don't know if i can do it. so now that has to be translated in a push to get people to the polls and for people who are trying to get the vote out for burke to explain it's not going to be that hard.
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you can do it. >> in a country that has added over 9 million jobs since the great recession, wisconsin is sitting at over 100,000 and walker is making it sound as if that was some kind after lofty goal to go for a we're of a million. that's a little over 60,000 jobs a year. is this really the linchpin it to this election? >> i think that wisconsin's economic situation and the divisiveness of governor walker, those are the two lynch pins. people notice there are not a the lot of jobs in wisconsin. they don't like the fact that across the board in minnesota people are doing better, pay is higher and there are more jobs, we're at half the national average in terms of job creation. it's hard to spin that in a positive way although walker is trying to do it. people know how their friends and family are doing. i think mostly people would like an end to the divisiveness and see the result of all of that divisiveness as not good for most people in wisconsin. i think really what mary with burke is selling, let's turn the
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page, have job creation, let's have a healthier economy, and let's stop having so much bitterness and acrimony. >> and finally what's your analysis of the election commissioner's comments about voter fraud? mr. bass? and whether they're legal to vote or not. what do you make of the election commissioner making this an issue when there are no -- and there is not a documented case of voter fraud in wisconsin? >> well, that's just it. there is no in-person voter fraud, not a single case charged. walker himself said he didn't care if it was 1,000 people or 10,000, he thought they should have this law. it comes down to voter continue tim dags. we're going to be hawking you, looking over your shoulder. you may be casting an illegal vote and you're going to be in
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trouble. it's just trying to make voting hard. it's trying to intimidate people who are likely democratic voters out of voting. i think there will be a strong pushback. it has a lot of historic resonance trying to protect, particularly black people, from casting their votes. >> good to have you with us tonight. we'll have more on this again tomorrow night, some more details about this tight race in wiscons wisconsin. remember to answer tonight's question there at the bottom of the screen, share your thoughts with us on "ed show." we always like to know what you think. coming up rick scott is trying to recover in the florida polls but has fan gate blown him away. we have the answer coming up. but first, holy spirit, catholic bishops reject pope francis' request to flip the catholic rule book upside-down. ♪ the design of the ford escape is clearly intended to grab your eye. ♪
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time now for trenders. on the social media, you can get my podcast free on itunes. subscribe and have it sent right to your phone 24/7 available and also get it at >> i'm not a doctor but i play one on tv. >> the number three trender, ted talks. >> the person who needs to be on top of this is the president of the united states. >> ted cruz attacks the white house's ebola response. >> we continue to allow open commercial air flights. that doesn't make any sense. >> perhaps it is because the voices in the medical community are saying this would be counterproductive. >> the doctors and the experts that are saying this are working for the administration, are repeating the administration talking points. what we need is presidential
2:22 pm
leadership. >> the number two trender, smashing pumpkins. >> this is what became of pumpkin fest 2014. >> it's the great pumpkin. >> fires were set, vehicles damaged, lights toppled. >> rowdy college kids spoil a new hampshire fall festival. >> it draws nearly 60,000 people to the small town. >> came from the pumpkin fest, basically rage. >> it's never been this chaotic. >> i am horrified and outraged at what happened last night. >> trick-or-treat. >> and today's top trender, holy split. >> pope francis and the roman catholic bishops spent the last two weeks debating the key issues facing the church. >> catholic bishops reject pope francis' gay rights message. >> just a week ago the church released a historic document asking catholics to consider acceptance of gays. >> the early draft said homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer the chryistin
2:23 pm
community. >> conservative cardinals have drawn their about the l lines. >> pope francis, who wants to modernize the chur , called not to fear change. >> we'll have a conversation in the church about these issues. >> even if not all the bishops are on his page right now, i think over time, he's going to gain support. >> we are making every effort to adapt our methods to the changing times. joining us tonight msnbc contributor. e.j., is this the beginning of a big split or is this sill as that gentleman just said on tape the beginning of a kfconversati? what do you make it have? >> i think it's the beginning of a conversation and debate. let's be clear on what they did and didn't do. the draft of the statement they put out was extraordinarily welcoming, and a lot of us wish, at least i say as a catholic, with wish it stuck with that language. they pulled that language back but they did not go all the way back to language that was really quite hostile to gays, talking
2:24 pm
about inherently disordered activity, saying homosexuality -- >> this is a big shift. this is a huge shift in the church, isn't it? >> correct. so even the modified document is a step forward for those of us who would like the church to go there. but the other thing is the method here was a kind of openness and really an open debate that you haven't seen in the church in many ways since the reforming second vatican council in the 19 0s, and i think as for the pope he is walking a really careful line here. if you listen to the sermon he gave he at the end, he gave knocks to both sides, he attacked a hostile inflexibility, he talked about a god of surprise as he attacked so call traditionalists but had critical things to say about those he called do-gooders and so-called progressives and liberals. he's trying to walk a line where
2:25 pm
i think he's pushing the church to greater mercy and reform without throwing the traditionalists over the side. >> the tradition alists don't sound like they will back down in it any way, shape or fom. the church in the past has made changes, for instance their views on divorce and the church was losing so people globally because of marital situations. they didn't want to do so, so they came up with annulments and that was really an adjustment to social change. is this the same thing when they say that homosexualities have gifts to offer the catholic community? why wouldn't they recognize that before? it's almost like they need to change if the church is going to stay relevant. >> well, i think, it's been around for a while. they just got more widely used. that's the other issue that wasn't resolved here is
2:26 pm
communion. many are denied communion. i think the church is moving in that direction. the church has said for a long time that, you know, people who are gay deserve respect the way all people deserve respect, but the language was not by any means as open as the language in that original document. and you're clearly hearing from this pope a desire not to change the church's position on, say, gay marriage, that will take a long time. the feeling and tone of what the church is saying about gays and lesbians. the emphasis is more on a god of love and judgment and that has a lot of implications about what the church says on a lot of things. >> they will re-examine the issues next year. do you think the response will be different?
2:27 pm
>> i do. i think it was father tom rece in that clip on your show, they have opened up debate on this in a way that it has not been opened up before. there will be a response from the church around the world and some will come from conservatives and traditionalists. some will come from catholics who welcome the original language. what you have now is an open dialogue on the church with the real possibility of change. >> okay. e.j. deion, always good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. coming up, scottie doesn't know, senator scott brown thinks ebola wouldn't be an issue if mitt romney were president. plus, rick scott in nor floor thinks he's running against president obama. we have the latest on the governor's race in the sunshine state. but next your questions coming up. ask ed live just ahead here on msnbc. she inspires you.
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segment, our first question from laura. she wants to know why aren't democrats better marketers? i just got this question a moment ago and the first thing i thought of was the great will rogers who once said just tell me what the issue is and i'll be against it. that's where republic yns are today. they haven't offered up any new plans or new vision for america and that goes from the federal level all the way down to the local level as i see it. better marketers, what kind of message do you want? how about results? jobs. our next question from nicole. she wants to know, what do we need to do to motivate democrats to vote in midterm elections? well, those who are motivated need to get a friend who might not be motivated. don't vote alone. take a friend. i'm morgan brennan with up
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2:36 pm
obama. early wrer in the month the florida gop detailed the relationship between charlie crist and the president. rick scott then taunted the president 20 take a trip to florida saying i hope president obama can make a trip down to the sunshine state soon to see the results from our pro-growth policies even if he's not invited on the campaign trail with charlie crist. a new commercial released today by the florida republicans slams charlie crist for supporting barack obama again. >> i'm not on the ballot this fall, but make no mistake, these policies are on the balanlot, every single one of them. >> charlie crist backed obama from the start. >> one of had his first trips in office brought him to ft. myers, florida, where i was proud -- >> the florida gop is relying on president obama's policies to tarnish charlie crist. rick scott won't stand with florida workers. rick scott won't stand up for florida's environment. he doesn't know anything about it.
2:37 pm
and scott is on record to support voter suppression. all rick scott wants to do is show charlie crist dancing with the president of the united states and that's supposed to put him over the top because the president has negative poll ratings right now. joining me tonight, former florida state representative mike papitonio. great to have both of you with us tonight. anna, is this going to work? after four years of being the governor, the best thing they can come up with down the stretch is to connect charlie crist at the hip with the president and demonize president obama? will it work in florida? >> i think they're forgetting that president obama carried florida twice in a row. that might not hurt charlie crist. that may help charlie crist, and it might upset those who supported obama and get them out to vote in droves like they got out to vote for president obama in 2012. this actually may backfire.
2:38 pm
i want to talk about the optimist poll. even this poll that shows them neck and neck, a very republican poll, shows charlie increasing week to week. >> what about that, to connect charlie crist to president obama after he won the state twice -- it seems like they're scraping. >> he's putting $22 million of his own money, rick scott is, this week. think about that. $22 of his own money. but there's something the florida gop needs to wore kri about. most floridians seem to only begin about a month ago. when something is as insane as the rick scott conduct suffered in the last debate comes up that creepy card surfaces and, again, it defines who rick scott is. rick scott is much more unpopular, ed, than obama. so this is a tough sell.
2:39 pm
he's become a bless iing for social media blogs, comedy skits, and that creepy card, ed, is just now surfacing in a way the gop is really worried about so the answer is, okay, let's attack obama. let's hang obama around charlie crist's neck. they're looking at the numbers. the tampa bay poll said that there was something like a 57% disapproval rating over obama. they keep forgetting that this is a governor who has a disapproval rating of something like ebola and isis. so it's a tough, it's a tough fight for them to overcome that especially with this creep y, geek image that surrounds scott right now. >> scott said early on when this whole thing started that he wasn't going to spend any of his own money this time? so now down the stretch he does a reversal. now he will throw $22 million of his own money which brings up
2:40 pm
another point. if someone is willing to spend $22 million of his or her personal wealth just to get a job that pays under $200,000 a year, we can come to the conclusion it's nothing about anything else but power, okay. how can somebody lake that relate to somebody who is struggling or living paycheck to paycheck, ana? >> they can't. he hasn't supported raidsing the minimum wage. scott has said it will hurt floridians instead of help them. he hasn't supported equal pay for women. every single piece of policy he has supported has been for big business and wealthy. it's clear who he stands for. rick scott stands for the wealthy. whereas chryst, governor charlie crist, stands for the working man, trying to improve the economic condition that we have in our state. charlie crist clearly is are for the working class. >> what about fan gate?
2:41 pm
there's been a lot of jokes about it. it's trivial as hell, but it's amazing what people pay attention to. it's amazing what rick scott paid attention to. i think that's the point. how does this play out? >> odd balls scare voters. that's where you have to begin. odd balls scare voters. the g op camp knows that and this is a real odd ball here. i mann, the new scott approach, do everything possible to keep rick scott away from cameras of any kind because the optics are killing him. the biggest focus is to keep him completely away from interviews or recordings and rely on highly edited produced soundbites from him and republican spokesmen like jeb bush. if you think about it, this is what they did with george bush. it is that creepy factor that they can control if they put it in a box. you can't control it out in a debate when he burned down over fangate.
2:42 pm
control the guy. keep him away from the public. that creepy factor is so overwhelming with potential voters right now. >> tomorrow night is their last debate. what i'm expecting charlie to do is come out with a six-foot fans, one of those wide ones. you know, pat, you have one of those on the back of up vote in florida to take you across the everglades and what not. it really is amazing what rick scott paid attention to. ana, what about the last debate? does it matter at this point? hasn't everything been said about this that's going to be said? >> oh, of course. i was waiting for someone to say, it was a joke. so was everyone else sitting in the audience. it was real. i have never seen a debate like that. i've watched several presidential debates live. i have never seen a debate like that and let's look at the last poll that was done. 41% of floridians believe this debate hurt rick scott as
2:43 pm
opposed to 20% that feel it hurt crist. twice as many floridians feel the debate hurt scott, and that's why scott is pouring $22 million of his own money, flooding single airway t. you can't turn on a radio. you can't turn on a show here in florida. they tuned him out, turned him off, and are making their own decisions. >> what about the latino vote? what about women in florida? >> clearly. clearly crist is winning that game. clearly. >> he absolutely is ahead. trending is what scott is worried about. the trending is what is scaring the heck out of the republican party and you know the real question is what is the rate of return for a man who puts $22 million of his own money into a governor's race? what's the payday? maybe -- maybe that's why we can't get his financials at this point. maybe that's why they have to sue rick scott to figure out what his financials are.
2:44 pm
he's giving up 10% of his total worth to be governor again. $22 million and you have to ask yourself, what is the payday at the end of all of that? that's what voters have to ask themselves about this guy right now. >> mike and ana, great to have both of you with us tonight. it is a hot one in florida, no doubt. coming up, the united states postal service prepares to take another hit thanks to our do-nothing congress. you want your mail on time? if this goes through, it ain't going to happen. ♪ music
2:45 pm
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and in "pretenders" tonight scott brown's health perspective. he is now running in new hampshire. he told fox news radio he has a solution for ebola. >> gosh, can you imagine if mitt was the president right now? he was right on russia, he was
2:49 pm
right on obamacare, he was right on the economy, and i guarantee you we would not be worrying about ebola right now and worrying about our foreign policy screw ups. >> we should have mitt the doctor. the way he was gushing about mitt romney you would think he was talking about a brother. senator brown hung out with some fraternity brother fans over the weekend. the former senator attended a football game tailgating with the university of new hampshire students. scott brown took pictures with college kids chugging beers, maybe senator brown should spend more time thinking about the negative impacts of binge drinking rather than ebola if he thinks he knows how to keep americans healthy, he can kaep on pretending. i lost my sight in afghanistan, but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms
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>> when people go to the polls on election day, or they are deciding now who to vote for, part of what they should be demanding of these candidates is, where do you stand on protecting, and having, and building a vibrant postal service for generations to come. >> welcome back "the ed show." president of the postal workers' union wants you to keep the united states postal service in mind on election day. they're slated to lower service standards again, meaning it's going to take a lot longer for your mail to get from point a to point b.
2:54 pm
overnight mail could be a thing of the past. 82 processing facilities are scheduling to be consolidated, eliminating up to 15,000 more jobs. this is on top of the 140 facilities closed in 2012. republicans will try to justify this with reports of billions of dollars in losses for the post office. the reality is, a so-called kris is a manufactured one. another product of congress's failure to act. back in 2006 where a mandate required the postal service to prefund future retiree health care costs 75 years in advance over a ten-year period. we've done the story before. we can't do it enough. this cost the postal service $5.8 billion a year. no other private or public entity has the same burden put on them. it was government intervention. they were meddling in the way the post office was operating and financially it's killing them.
2:55 pm
congress can still act. they could seek a moratorium on the closures. they could, in that comprehensive postal reforms to prevent this from happening, which is why it's important to keep the pressure on republicans come election day. i should point out, there are a few republicans who understand the severity of this. joining me tonight, independent senator from vermont bernie sanders. good to have you with us tonight. i just get this feeling they won't stop until they can kill the postal service and privatize the whole damn thing. you're leading a charge -- go ahead. respond to that, sir. thank you. >> well, look, this is the same old story. deep in their hearts they want to privatize social security, privatize medicare, the v.a, and now they're going after the postal service time and time again. as you've indicated, some of us, tammy baldwin and i, have language which now has 51 senators, 45 democrats, and six
2:56 pm
republicans, which we are going to try to get into a bill which says, do not shut these 82 processing plants. what we need to do in this country is create millions of decent-paying jobs. we damn well do not need to describe 15,000 good paying union jobs. so that's where we are right now. >> is there no chance of getting this money off the back of the postal service, this obligation? senator, there's over $50 billion now that's been accumulated that is now just sitting in the united states treasury, and we all know where that's going to end up. it's not going to end up for the retirees, i don't think. who can you trust in this deal? >> ed, you're absolutely right. enough is enough. i have introduced legislation which would end this mandate, and you're quite right, there is no other government entity,
2:57 pm
there's no other private sector entity that requires an entity to raise 75 years of future retiree health benefits in a ten-year period. this $5.8 billion a year is killing the postal service. without that mandate, in fact, for the last two years, the postal service has earned in operating revenue, about a billion dollars. all, 100% of the losses, are attributable to this mandate. >> get that off their bottom line, you're looking at profit. but none of the republicans are against this or willing to admit that. they know everything there is about business, but they can't add on the postal service because they want to kill it. who are the closures going to affect, senator? >> they're going to impact businesses and citizens all over the country. it will slow mail delivery. there are many businesses who depend on quick delivery.
2:58 pm
second of all, we're talking about 15,000 workers who are earning a middle class paycheck right now. it's going to significantly impact those people. so i think, ed, what we need to do is get rid of this mantate, pass a moratorium, preventing the closure of these 82 plants, but we have got to give the postal service the flexibility they need to compete in the 21st century. >> when you look at getting mail three and four days later than what you're getting it right now -- >> i can't hear very much. >> doesn't this mean, senator, if you delay the mail, it's going to be a disincentive for people to use the postal service? and that's the tough thing about all of this. it's a signal to the public, we're not as good as we used to be, so why use us? and that's going to be a tough hurdle. >> i'm not hearing anything. >> we have an audio problem with the senator. i'll finish it from here. i appreciate your time. thanks for joining us.
2:59 pm
we should point out that the four unions are organizing a day of national action on november 14th. the board of governors will release the united states postal service financial reports for the year. what impacts are that going to have? bottom line is this. if you're running a business and you have to meet a $5 billion -- a $5 billion obligation on a line item budget, it doesn't give a lot of room for profit. there's over $50 billion that has been accumulated that is now in the national treasury that's basically supposed to go to these retirees, but if they didn't have that, what do you think your mail would be like? but the mission is to privatize, and the mission, you can believe me that the fedex and ups are all licking their chops right now, hoping the postal service goes down and this is just one ship at a time. pay attention to it, because when we talk about working issues and working families, elections have consequences. you have most democrats in the
3:00 pm
senate. and you've got some republicans who understand the severity of this. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening to you, and thanks for tuning in. lots to talk about tonight. for the first time, we're hearing details from the police officer who shot and killed michael brown, as he gives his version of what happened. also, monica lewinsky talks about cyber bullying -- billowing -- bullying. and the scandal that made her famous. and reaction to those offensive comments made about serena and venus williams. but we start with tonight's lead, the right-wing's new poll t tax. the fight for voting rights is now a central battle in the midterm elections. with early voting now under way in 34 states, today president obama


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